After 19 consecutive years at the same venue, this national beauty industry association's annual meeting was ready for a makeover. To coincide with the arrival of a new president, Velocity designed the general session environment that called upon the elegance of the cosmetics and beauty products industry while recognizing the stature of the audience.

Dramatic stage lighting created a variety of sophisticated looks to compliment businesses sessions, the final evening's gala entertainment, and individual speakers. For the audience of 600 senior executives and press, traditional school-room seating was replaced with executive swivel chairs clustered around low tables providing a sophisticated "executive club" feel to the room.

The theme - The Face of the Future - was forward looking and the word "face" had tremendous resonance - both literally and figuratively. A powerful opening video clearly communicated the value of the association to the audience. Audience members and industry watchdogs alike proclaimed the meeting a great success.